Oddbobs offers great deals for music lovers, collectors, nerds and more!Comic books, graphic novels, hardbacks, paperbacks and more at Odd BobsOdd Bob has lots of Star Trek and Star Wars for all you science fiction fans
BOB'S GOT RECORDS! You won't find a larger selection of vinyl under one roof in all of Baldwin County! With over 20,000 LPs and counting, Odd Bob's is loaded with every genre of music immaginable... Classical to classic rock, jazz to punk, folk to metal, Bob's got it! 12", 10", rare picture discs, autographed records and memorabilia. And, while you're here, be sure to check out Bob's bargain bin featuring loads of $.50 cent albums and 4 for $1.00 45 rpms!

Vinyl not your thing? If you've moved on or simply favor another format, don't dispair! Bob's also got cassettes, 8 track tapes and CDs. You'll find crates of musical goodies to keep your hands busy and your ears dizzy! Want to sell your record collection? Bob is currently considering clean punk, heavy metal and Classic Rock LPs (Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, etc.) for cash or trade. Bring 'em down!
BOB'S GOT POSTERS! Posters, posters and more posters! Bob loves posters! Can't get enough of them. Odd Bob's selection of posters is downright scary and puts other retailers to shame! Sure, some internet e-tailers have large online catalogs, but they also charge outrageous shipping fees and you don't get to see them in the flesh until you've already purchased them.

Bob's showcases hundreds of posters, not just the flavor of the week. From icons to the realm of fantasy, at Bob's, you'll find a variety within the variety. Like Marilyn Monroe? Bob's got a dozen different 24x36 posters! Like classic pinups? Yep, Bob's got those too! Be it Star Wars or Star Trek. Bob Marley or Lamb of God. Godsmack or GaGa and everything in between.
BOB'S GOT BOOKS! You'll find a library's worth of fiction and non-fiction hardcover and paperbacks from your favorite author to your favorite genre at Odd Bob's! Bob's got westerns, new age, music, romance, theology, drama, humour, satire, fantasy, horror, supernatural, mystery, thriller, mythology, science, sci-fi, adventure, biography, art, history and more!

Whether you enjoy snuggling up to a fire with a seductive novel, exploring your favorite historical figure or period or seeing what your friendly neighborhood Spider-man is up to, Bob's gotcha covered! Want a book of magick spells? Well, Bob's got that too! And, don't forget to tke advantge of Bob's 2 for 1 trade-in. For every two books you bring in, you'll walk out with one of Bob's!
BOB'S GOT COMICS! Calling all comic book geeks! If you live in Baldwin County and weren't already aware of Bob's, then you've probably been fiending for back issue comics in the area. Well, it's Odd Bob to the rescue! Lucky for you, you won't have to hightail it to Metropolis for your comic book needs. Bob's is conveiently located between Mobile and Pensacola, FL.

Bob's racks are filled with your favorite DC & Marvel superheroes and villains from the 70's, 80's & 90's, as well as the era's most popular independent publishers. But that's not it. Bob's also chock full of EC Comics from the 1950's & 60's (Tales from the Crypt, etc.), plus 1970's Conan and Warren magazines (Creepy, Eerie, etc.), vintage Life magazines and more!
BOB'S GOT ANTIQUES! Whether you're antiquing on the road or just into the retro vibe, Bob's tables are filled with vintage wares. Gadget lovers will marvel over Bob's collection of 50's era toasters, blenders and coffee makers, while cabinet keepers will gawk over his old-time china, glassware, bottles and decor. Just take a gander at this hand carved wooden horse!

Don't worry - there's plenty left over for you knick knackers and electronics buffs out there! Bob maintains a steady flow of old radios, stereo components, speakers, boxes, storage containers, toys, military medals, vintage books, literature, old photographs, catalogs, magazines and Americana dating back as far as the 1920's & 1930's. Revisit the Golden Age at Odd Bob's!
BOB'S GOT TOYS! Classic toy collectors and modern age enthusiasts are in for a treat! Whether it's an old school Etch a Sketch or caped crusader that gets your blood pumping, Odd Bob's carries an assortment of merch from the 70's, '80's, '90's and beyond. Bob's got models and die cast cars, dolls and everything for the serious collector from Kenner, Mattel, Toy Biz & Spawn.

Fans of Star Wars and Star Trek will be knee deep in action figures, vehicles, books and other rarities! Bob's also got plenty for you Disney, M&M, Hot Wheels and Marvel collectors out there including X-Men, Wolverine, Batman, Superman and Spider-Man. KISS fans will also rejoice at Bob's selection of rock 'n roll themed toys and memorabilia.
BOB'S GOT WICCA! Whether it's a lifestyle you admire or a rite of passage you practice, Bob's got everything you need to spook your friends or get your house in order. You'll find a variety of Wiccan herbs, incense, powders, oils, salts, stones, crystals, candles, charm bags, aromatherapy, jewelry, wands, pewter statues, cards, pouches and other ritual items that you won't find anywhere else.

If you're curious about Wiccan theology, Bob's got plenty of books and paraphernalia on the subject. Take a stroll through Bob's Wicca section in the front of booth #67. It's crammed with tables and bookshelves full of merchandise dedicated to the craft for the novice or seasoned practiioner.
BOB'S GOT HISTORY! Bob's got plenty for you history buffs! Be it Native American, the Civil War or World War II, Bob's is rich in historic relics and tokens of the past. You'll unearth everything from arrowheads to purple hearts and enough authentic accoutrements to make your man cave the envy of the block.

If you prefer to study history, rather than collect it, Bob's shelves are busting with books and literature covering all aspects of American history from military to music. Bob's also got posters, prints, photographs, newspapers and unique decor for the novice or collector on a budget.
BOB'S GOT JEWELRY! Odd Bob's is an official reseller of Alchemy Gothic and has a full showcase dedicated to Alchemy jewelry. If you're a fan of Victorian craftsmanship, vampires, dragons or a member of the Steampunk community, you owe yourself a trip to Odd Bob's! Bob's got enough necklaces, bracelets, pendants and amulets to keep your gothic cravings at bay. If Bob doesn't have it, he can special order it.

For more about Alchemy Gothic, visit their official website then stop by Odd Bob's Foley, Alabama location for the best price! Bob will not be undersold.

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